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29 August 2013 @ 12:15 am
multi-fandom mini batch.  
Before leaving Germany and going to England for four months, I decided to upload the icons I've made recently (some of them were made God knows when). Most of these were made for all different kinds of challenges, some of them were submitted, others weren't. I hope you'll enjoy them.


001 Criminal Minds
002 Game of Thrones
001 Hart of Dixie
003 Leverage
003 Lost
007 Teen Wolf
008 The Vampire Diaries

TV Shows
Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Hart of Dixie, Leverage, Lost, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries
001 - 004
005 - 008
009 - 012
013 - 016
017 - 020
021 - 024
025 - 028

» Comment if you take any of the graphics above. I always appreciate your honest opinion.
» Credit if you use any of the graphics above. Give other users the chance to find my graphics.
» Do not claim any of the graphics above as yours. If you like my graphics, ask me to write a tutorial for you.
» Do not hotlink any of the graphics above. Upload them to your own server, please.
» Friend/Join this community if you like the artwork that is presented here.

mood: tired
music: sugababes - too lost in you